• 90% of Problems Fixed in
    1 Hour
  • Any computer problem,
    Hardware or Software
  • Detox your Computer, Clean up
    Files & Speed it up
  • Onsite in your home- No waiting
    days for a shop to fix it
  • Extremely competitive Rate - Others Charge $160 an hour
*with Most problems fixed in 1 hour
+GST - No Call out Fee

Remote Support

Did you know that some computer problems can be fixed remotely? This option is usually only available as long as your computer boots and you have an Internet connection. As long as we don't have to physically open up your machine, we can do everything remotely from removing viruses to fixing up annoying error messages. Also with remote, we usually do it in the same day.

Drop My Computer Off

If you are near one of our service centres, you can usually drop a machine off to us. This can be a cheaper alternative if there are tests that need to be done, as we usually cap it at around the 3-hour mark. We sometimes can service machines the same day if you choose to drop it off to us.

Onsite Service

Our hourly rate of $110 is highly competitive and, unlike most other companies, we don't charge a call-out fee. Usually, if your computer is not loading, there is an Internet problem or a hardware problem and you have a fair idea what it's about without the need for a lot of diagnostics, this is your way to go!

Our Services

Virus & Spyware Removal

Network Setup

Computer Upgrade

Windows Reinstallation

Computer Maintenance

Data Recovery

New Computer Setup

PC Health Check

Why Choose Us

  • Servicing all over Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and Moreton / Redland Bay
  • I’m a local Aussie guy who’s been in the IT field since 1995
  • I’ve worked for one of the biggest IT companies before so I know how they work and I can offer you more personalised service
  • I’m a Microsoft certified Professional meaning I’ve completed Microsoft windows exams
  • I prefer offering customers free alternatives to common paid software, saving you money!
  • If I cant find a way to fix your problem or a satisfactory solution its free
  • Times to suite you, Early or late with no extra or complicated fees (check my about page for what my competitors charge)
  • I don’t mark up prices on parts. I sell to you for the exact same Cost I get them from my dealer, you just pay for time. Some computer techs will mark up prices by 100%
  • I have no call out fee and have a flat hourly charge, with the majority of problems solved within 1 hour. Even if it takes two hours that’s generally the cost of a computer tech who charges for just one hour!!!!
  • If your a customer of mine, feel free to call me up for free advice with computer repairs and upgrades without a charge. I look after my clients.
  • For Tuition purposes I have tools to record what I do on your screen along with my voice, so instead of writing down step by step instructions to do things when I leave, you can just watch the video!
  • The majority of my customers love the ability of screen recording software so they can just watch a video if they get stuck!
  • Wanting to start your own business selling stuff online? I can provide and help customers set up their websites check out my other website I started from scratch www.brisbaneillusions.com