5 Most Costly Computer Problems

5 of the Most Expensive Computer Problems

Nobody likes dealing with computer problems. They cost money, take away precious time, and can even disrupt business. However, since PCs, printers, photocopiers, and other technological devices will require repair or maintenance at one time or another, you will have to deal with it at some point.

Most Expensive PC Problems

Because fixing or maintaining laptops, desktops, printing machines, and other hardware can be quite costly, you want to make sure you hire computer or printer repair specialists. Look for highly recommended service providers in your area and make sure the one you hire is an expert on your specific PC issue.

Aside from hiring professionals, it also pays to know what computer problems are the most expensive so you can be more careful in avoiding them.

1. Data recovery

All the data in your desktop or laptop is stored in a hard drive. This storage device is something you want to take very good care of if you don’t want to lose all your photos, music, work files, and other important information.

However, there are circumstances in which your hard drive and all the data in it can be compromised. This includes theft, natural or man-made disasters, viruses, and accidents. Old age of your PC and dropping it from at least 15cms are other reasons.

Luckily, you can recover your files from your drive with the help of a computer repair specialist. Sadly, depending on the extent of damage, it can cost you up to thousands of dollars and it doesn’t always guarantee 100% or any data recovery at all.

To avoid losing everything stored in your device, make sure to frequently back up on an external hard drive and on a secure online data service.

2. Motherboard replacement

The motherboard is usually the most expensive part of a computing device. The cost of replacing it can range from under AUD100 to several hundreds of dollars. The price depends on the brand and how high-end your PC specs are. So if the price tag on your computer was at least AUD1000, expect to pay more for a motherboard replacement.

Regular and proper motherboard maintenance is helpful in avoiding too frequent replacements.

3. Screen replacement

The good news is, a cracked LCD can be replaced. The bad news is, it will set you back no less than a hundred dollars. And if your laptop is a more expensive brand and model or has a special screen, expect to spend more.

Avoid damages by making sure you don’t place any objects on your laptop keyboard when you close it. Also, always place it on a stable surface.

4. Liquid spills damage

Mixing electronics and liquids is never a good idea, so it is highly advised to keep drinks away from PCs. However, the need to stay hydrated while working on a computer can’t be avoided. That’s why beverage containers with lids were invented.

Alas, accidents (whether man-made or natural) occur, and coffee or water can spill on your desktop or laptop. Technicians usually have to take your machine apart, clean it well, and reassemble everything by hand. This is why it is one of the most costly repairs.

5. Overheating

When computers are running, their internal calculator can reach up to 77°C. Those high temperatures can fry the insides of your PC. It is usually cheaper to have your fans cleaned or replaced rather than having your device repaired for overheating.

Make sure your computer is well ventilated and your fans are clean and running properly. You can also use a cooling pad or install a special cooling system to avoid overheating.

Have Your PC Issues Quoted by a Professional

How much you will spend for repairs will really depend on the brand, model, problem, and extent of damage. So to get a more realistic figure, consult with specialists. Have your device checked by Home Computer Tech. A professional computer hardware and software technician will go to your home or business to expertly diagnose and repair your desktops or laptops. Plus, you get professional service for reasonable prices. Get in touch if you require any onsite technical support today.