Easy way to mine bitcoin and start earning money

The buzzword for 2021 is going to be bitcoin. Especially now at the time of writing this article bitcoin is worth more than $26000 but what if I could tell you that mining bitcoin isn’t as difficult as you may think and you don’t need to be a computer repair expert to start mining for bitcoins, you can start mining bitcoin today on your home computer. 

You’ll think I’m crazy for telling you this, but I’m not. So here is an easy way to mine bitcoin and start earning money today.

What is Bitcoin?

I might have jumped the gun, and you’ve been living on the moon the past few years, and your not aware of what bitcoin is, ill quickly explain what bitcoin is. 

Well, it’s basically a digital currency, just like hard-earned money but it’s entirely digital, and above all else spends just like regular money. The difference is that bitcoin is created using machine power, otherwise known as mining.

In recent years, the price went from a few pounds per coin up to thousands of pounds per coin. The currency increased in popularity with more and more businesses accepting it for forms of payment to purchase goods.

What is Mining?

Mining is a way to use your computer’s power to perform a calculation. In turn, for using your computer power. You are rewarded with payments in the form of the digital currency known primarily as bitcoin. Aside from mining, you can also earn cryptocurrency using crypto faucets.


How Much Can I Earn?

The Amount you earn really depends on the power of your computer and the type of coin that you are mining. 

High-end Gaming Computers tend to make a lot more money than traditional home computers, but the beautiful thing about mining isn’t how much the coins are worth today. It’s how much they are worth in the future. 

For example, say your computer mines 20p a day, and I know it might not sound much, but that 20p could at any point turn into £50 or even more, In fact in 2012 bitcoin was worth $7.50 it’s now valued at $26,651.81, Wowzers!

To give you an idea of what returns a graphics card will get you at the current rate, and that’s not taking into consideration the potential rise in bitcoin price the following graphics cards will earn; 

Nvida 1660Ti – $1.32per day ($481.80per year)

AMD 5700XT – $2.56per day ($934.4per year)

Nvidia 3080 – $4.44per day ($1620.6per year)  


And all you have to do is install a program and leave your computer on. It’s simple as that. 

 An easy way to mine bitcoin and start earning money with Nicehash

If your still interested in starting to earn bitcoin here is an easy program that I’m going to suggest that you use, for easy ways mining bitcoin and start making money today, This program is called nicehash.


NiceHash is such a simple platform to mine bitcoin you don’t need to be a  Computer Expert to start using it. All you need to do is head over to nicehash.com, sign up and nice hash will create a wallet (place to store your money), then you download the program, and away you go. 

Your computer will start using both your processor and graphics card to start mining bitcoin, and earn you money it is as simple as that.

There are many other alternatives to nicehash, although they are a lot more complex, the kind of complexity that you need to be a computer expert to set up. With a nice hash, you don’t need to worry about the more complex parts of mining, like pools, hash, etc. You just signup, download, click, and go.


So why not start earning bitcoin today and don’t miss the money train, you never know you might miss the boat and live to regret it.