How to Choose the Best Monitor to your PC?

Nobody can underestimate the value of getting the ideal screen monitor on your PC. Possessing the ideal display is similar to getting the ideal soul to your PC. Possessing the ideal track will give the consumer the expected advantage concerning the quality of the watching, gaming, viewing videos and photographs, or anything task that the user is performing.

 A fantastic computer experience largely is dependent upon the standard of the various hardware connect for your PC. The quality comprises the display monitor that ought to be chosen the correct way concerning its specs and attributes so it will work well with all the other sections of your PC. This guide provides some suggestions for the best way best to pick the ideal monitor for your desktop computer.

Choose a Monitor that Fits your Purpose

The first factor that you should consider in selecting the monitor is knowing its purpose. If you are doing professional tasks, then it is better for you to consider monitors with high-color accuracy. For gamers, it will be good if you find the best keyboards for PC gaming. It should have a quick refresh rating and lower response timing. For general purpose tasks, a lower specs monitor can get the job done.


Does Size Matters?

The answer to this question largely depends on the computer user and his preference. Computer screen monitors sizes start from 17 to 34 inches and probably more. However, please take note that the density of the pixel of a computer monitor affects the quality of the screen.Highly recommended are monitors with at least 109 pixels per inch (PPI) while a 32-inch monitor with 4k resolution can do the job for gamers.

Computer Monitor Screen Resolution Requirements

The basic rule for screen monitors is the higher the resolution, the better the quality of the picture. The monitor resolution will tell the number of pixels a monitor has in terms of its height and weight. For example, you will get a high-quality resolution with 1920 x 1080 or HD format but can also have the best viewing with QHD and 4K monitors. See also Best Gaming Monitor for the best visuals and display for videos, movies, pictures, or gaming you need.

Choosing the Right Type of Panel 

Computer users should consider VA monitors if they are looking for excellent contrast. Meanwhile, IPS monitors have one of the quickest response time and color quality while TN monitors are the fastest but also has the poorest quality. It is also considered as the cheapest among the different panel types.

Other Factors to Consider

The monitor’s response time and refresh rates are two factors that should also be in mind when selecting the PC monitor. The response time is the time it takes the monitor to change every individual pixel. For gamers, a monitor with the highest response time provides excellent experience while playing. For other computer users, this factor is not that important.

The refresh rates, meanwhile, indicate how many times a monitor updates information per second. The larger the rate, the better the quality. The refresh rate is also important for gamers and should be at least 75 Hz.


A computer monitor is an integral part of your computer system. It affects the quality of your working and viewing experience. In order to achieve this, the need to have the right monitor for your computer is important. 

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