How to Gain Website Traffic with Video Marketing

Multiple factors drive website traffic with an ultimate goal to increase awareness, visibility, and engagement. The higher the website traffic, the more the possibility of lead conversion and sales for a business. A report by HubSpot states that video marketing is a highly effective strategy to connect and convert the target audience into prospective customers or clients. According to Wyzowl, nearly 88% of video marketers reported that video gives higher ROI(Return on Investment), and 93% of the brand got a new customer because they shared their videos on social media. Engagement through video content is generally higher and helps in redirecting the audience through appropriate CTAs. Video marketing is a powerful tool for advertising and promotion and helps increase organic traffic to a website.

Here’s how video marketing can be used to increase website traffic:


Increase customer engagement

A video with a compelling story or important information or message helps in increasing the audience engagement. Nearly 49% of marketers say video content has helped them increase audience engagement and help in building trust with customers. With the help of an online video editor, a professionally edited video is likely to reach more potential customers through reshares. Video content is exciting and easier to understand, which is why video gets more views. Videos have a longer attention span and interest the general audience, retaining existing customers and driving traffic from new customers through video links.


The Search Engine loves Video Content

The search engine and social media algorithm keep changing from time to time. Of late, search engines and social media algorithms have been focused on driving visibility towards videos instead of static photos and images. Many businesses claim that adding video content to their existing posts or website has improved the ranking of the website. The buzz is that the latest SEO(search engine optimization) and search engine algorithms promote video content and increase the website’s ranking. Video content is SEO-friendly and loved by search engines because of the simplified format, straightforward understanding of the content, and visual representation.


Increase number of clicks on Paid Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the most popular paid yet affordable advertising methods, which gives higher ROI. When you edit video and SEO, optimize it and use it for the PPC or paid advertising campaign, it is more likely to be clicked. Humans are naturally more drawn to visuals and therefore are more likely to click on a video instead of text. Paid video advertisements are compelling and narrative or informative, catching the audience’s attention. One of the most effective ways to increase traffic to a website is by designing paid campaigns for businesses with video content. Clicks on paid advertising will redirect the audience to the website and increase traffic.
Paid campaigns are an effective channel to drive website traffic; two prominent ones are explored below:

  • Work with Social Media Influencers
    Collaborate with social media influencers through a paid video marketing campaign to increase the reach of the audience. As the influencers create a video to promote or market a brand or business, a simple link to the website helps drive traffic.
  • Backlinks and advertising
    Advertising on high-authority websites helps redirect the audience to your website with just one click — the backlinks to the website with video content help increase the reach of the target audience.


Create Informative Videos to Drive Traffic

With an abundance of online information, most people rely on online searches to look for anything. Creating high-quality content increases reshares and overall potential for driving an audience to the website as a business or brand. Create informative videos, like sharing information about a new product or service or its use, to drive traffic to the website. The use of interactive videos helps integrate CTAs at critical moments, which helps redirect traffic to the desired website. Videos with a website link in CTA direct potential customers to the website. This is an effective marketing strategy to convince customers to buy a product or service.


Use of Social Media Videos for Increasing Website Traffic

Social media has become one of the largest marketplaces for all businesses. Social media algorithms support Short-form videos on Instagram. 30-seconds of video wrapped up with information attract the attention of the audience. Users can directly upload a video trailer for Instagram accounts with 10K and above followers and use a swipe-up link to redirect to the website. Facebook has exploded in terms of its users and is likely to increase even more in the coming years. It is easy to post video content on Facebook with a website link to increase the traffic from Facebook. The Facebook Live feature helps start a conversation and is a great way to talk to people and remind them to visit the website for information. On the other hand, Twitter is a great platform to increase website traffic through video for B2B audiences. A small, interesting tweet with a video gets higher clicks on using the right hashtags.


Types of Videos that are Likely to Increase Website Traffic

From an advertising point of view, not all videos effectively drive traffic to the website. The two most common types of videos that have a higher chance of driving traffic to the website are:

  • Informative (How to)
    How-to-videos encourage the audience to visit the website as it helps in generating interest in the product or service.
  • Review videos
    Review videos are from the perspective of existing customers or clients and hence generate trust amongst the audience.



The use of video marketing undoubtedly has scaled up audience engagement through visual content. This, in turn, has increased traffic to websites, leads, and sales resulting in business growth. High-quality video content has a high life span, and a simple link or CTA helps redirect the audience to the website. Hence, this makes video advertising a vital asset for driving traffic to the website, increasing leads, and boosting sales.