Is Screen Recorder App Good for Kids?

A screen recorder app is used to capture the screen of a digital device like a mobile phone and computer. The mobile screen recording is helpful for parents because it enables them to capture the digital activities of their kids. There is no doubt that screen recorder and such other child monitoring solutions are beneficial for families. In this article, we have discussed the usefulness of a screen recording app for kids. Furthermore, know about the best mobile screen recording app for android.

Perks of Mobile Screen Recording

The mobile screen recording app offers innumerable perks to professionals and individuals. It enables the user to capture the screen of a digital device without any difficulty. No matter what appears on the screen of a computer or cell phone can be recorded with this high-tech application. The business persons use this app to keep an eye on computer devices of their workforce. Parents may take the support of this application to supervise their kids’ online and offline activities. It enables them to prevent their children from wrongdoings and their involvement in forbidden acts. Given are a few points that elaborate on the advantageousness of cell phone screen recording program.

Child Monitoring

The prime advantage of a mobile phone screen recording app for parents is that it helps to monitor kids’ digital activities. The app enables them to keep an eye on the cell phone activities of their children. Using a high-tech screen recorder, parents can capture and record a mobile phone screen from anywhere and anytime. They do not need to take the targeted device into custody to watch its screen. A simple command sent via an online control panel can record the screen of a digital device easily and efficiently. All this enables parents to find out what their kids do when they are in touch with their smartphones. 

Prevent Misconduct

After kids monitoring, another perk of screen recorder is that it helps to prevent kids from wrongdoings. Whatever they do on smartphones can be seen with the help of screen recording. It enables parents to keep their kids from forbidden and unproductive acts. They can easily ensure that their kids follow the rules set by parents for their protection and online safety

Supervise Internet Usage

A screen recording app enables the end-user to capture whatever appears on the phone screen of an offspring. It also helps to capture internet activities. Parents can record the internet browsing history of kid’s smartphones. Moreover, they can see what webpages have been visited by their kids like uwatchfree and what type of stuff those websites contain. When kids would know that their internet usage is being supervised, they would avoid misusing this facility.   

Track Contacts

The mobile screen recording app also helps to find out kid’s contacts. They can capture the contact list to find out whom their kids are in contact with. If there is any unwanted contact they can block that number.

Best Screen Recorder App for Android

There are scores of applications rightly available on Google Play Store and third-party websites enabling the user to capture the screen of a smartphone. The wide variety may make it problematic to pick up the most effective app for screen capturing. We have reviewed the top-notch apps for recording android phone screen and can recommend the most deserving ones. The android screen recorder app of TheOneSpy (TOS) can be suggested to parents for keeping an eye on their kids’ smartphones.

How to Record Screen with TOS App

Firstly, the user needs to subscribe to the screen recorder app from the official website of the developer. After app subscription, download and install it on your kid’s android mobile phone. The device must be compatible with the app to run it successfully. After app installation, log into the online control panel and send command for recording screen. The internet-connected Android device receives a command for screen recording and starts capturing whatever appears on the device screen. The user can predetermine duration for screen recording while sending commands. The recording duration can be extended by sending multiple commands. The recorder app uploads the short video to the online portal from where the user can retrieve it anytime. The entire procedure of screen recording is undetectable and cannot be identified by the target. 


TheOneSpy screen recording software in a nutshell is the best parental monitoring software on the web that helps out parents to protect children from inappropriate activities and from cyber predators. 

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