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Home Computer Tech is the #1 home PC repairs Ellen Grove. We provide full onsite PC repair and support services. I have been working as a professional PC repair technician since 1995 and I have worked with one of the biggest computer companies in the world doing technical support. Being a Microsoft certified technician and because of my previous experience on the help desk, I can fix the majority of computer problems within the 1st hour.  When you’re paying someone per hour, you want to know that they are qualified and they can fix your issues in a timely manner.

PC repairs

Have a cracked screen, missing keys, or a bad charge or battery? We do plenty of PC repairs, and we’re not the kind of shop that will give you temporary fixes and have you coming back for more in a month or two. You bring the computer in, let us know what’s going on with it, and we’ll have it operating smoothly again for you by the end of the day. We work on everything but phones. If you’re unsure of whether we can support your machine, just give us a call and ask, or stop by when you’re in Ellen Grove.

Computer Upgrades

We know how it goes. Whether you have a Mac, PC, or Linux computer, there are always new operating systems coming out. Every year Apple and Windows release a new operating system and Linux developers make different distributions all the time that can be a lot more complicated to upgrade depending on the hardware. You don’t have to worry about any of that. If you bring your computer to us we can perform all of the upgrades and have your computer back to you the same day within hours, so Ellen Grove can be the most up to date suburb in Australia!

Remote IT Support

While we do service all the areas we listed above, there are several services we can handle remotely. This means you don’t have to bring your computer in nor do we have to come into your home. With your consent we can access your computer from wherever we are and you can watch us fix the problem without having to leave your home or you can even continue about your day doing other things while we handle the issue for you. Technology is amazing because now you don’t even have to disrupt your day to handle a lot of these issues or take these preventative measures. Ask us about what we can do remotely for you so you don’t have to change your schedule or change out of your pajamas on your day off.

Ellen Grove Broadband and Home Networking Setup

Setting up your home broadband and networking can be extremely difficult and confusing. So many of our clients struggle at home with it for days and finally come to us for help and we get it done quickly. It’s definitely worth the investment. It saves you a ton of stress and you can rest assured that it’s done right. We’ll make all of the computers in your home work together and make sure they’re connected to one another and the internet. The connection will be solid and free of holes so you won’t be calling us back any time soon for fixes because you’ll have a connection you can trust. With this kind of connection you can share music, photos, videos, and other files between computers easily. This saves you a ton of time sending files to yourself or others in your household the old fashioned way. It also makes sure all computers are securely on the same connection.

This service is an onsite sevice, so call us if you live in Ellen Grove and we will come to you!

…from Remote IT Support

The professionals here at Home PC repairs in Ellen Grove are dedicated IT professionals who are well versed in all areas of laptop and PC repair services. We’re reliable, believe in integrity, and love the work we do. If you depend on us you won’t be disappointed in how we make your computer run. Don’t take our word for it. We’ve gotten over 200 testimonials–more than any other PC repair service– from happy customers who are as loyal to us as we are to them. Let us do the same for you here in Ellen Grove today.

Data Recovery

One widely known yet overlooked fact about computers is that one day something will go wrong and the computer will wipe clean. This isn’t a matter of “if”, but rather a matter of “when”.

Computer Tune-up

Computers are like vehicles. Over time they stop running quite as smoothly, take longer to get up to speed, and some don’t speed up like they used to at all. What most people don’t realize is that getting a little tune up can fix all of these problems and make the machine last longer, and work like new again. If you live in Ellen Grove and your computer is running slowly we can speed it up. If it’s functioning poorly we can correct it. Whether it requires some clean up or a RAM upgrade, we’ll diagnose your problem and implement a solution. The best part is that you don’t have to wait days for the service to be finished. We’ll get you taken care of the same day.

…from Data Recovery

The best thing you can do is be proactive and save all of your valuable files, be they photos, videos, or work files, in a safe location ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about losing them in the crash. Think about it, do you want the last three years of memories, resume information, and important business documents to be lost in one fell swoop? Of course not. It’s easy enough to backup your hard drive on your own, but most people don’t. Why not have us do it for you? Again, this is another same day service and instead of spending the day trying to figure out how to backup your information you can just give the computer to us to do it for you. If you live in Ellen Grove you can just drop your computer off with us.

Should you put this off and wake up one day to find that all of your information has been wiped, don’t panic! We also offer data-recovery services to recover lost files. So, when your computer crashes just bring it our way to help you out. The best and easiest thing you can do then would be to have us back up your files so it doesn’t happen again.

0410 659 349

Being a local resident of Brisbane I also serve surrounding suburbs including Ellen Grove. Be it a PC repair, PC repairs Ellen Grove, fixing a slow PC repair, upgrading your machine, cleaning a computer virus or just making your computer run faster or removing any error messages that you may have I can provide complete onsite PC repair support services to you.  If you are experiencing any sort of issues with the smooth functioning of your PC or laptop then you are welcome to give me a call and I shall provide you 5 star prompt PC repair service in the comfort of your own home or home office.

Home Computer Tech is your friendly yet professional alternative to expensive PC repair stores that would charge you large sums of money, often around $160 per hour while I charge just $120 per hour including GST with no Call out. My charges are half of that and I always try offering my customers free alternatives to commonly paid for software thereby saving you valuable money.  I also do not mark-up parts that I purchase to fix your computer and will charge you the exact same as what it costs me.

Residents of Ellen Grove can give me a call at 0410 659 349 and I will book a convenient appointment to visit you at your place.  Please see my amazing reviews on the testimonial section of my website.  I look forward to servicing your computer soon.

We know people in Ellen Grove love their computers, and we understand why. There are few things more useful in today’s information age than a good, reliable computer or laptop. Whether you need to work, download music and video games, check social media or write a letter to Mom and Dad, if you opened your computer to find anything wrong with it it would result in a pretty bad day for you. We invest in these machines to provide a plethora of services to us, but we also need to invest in the upkeep. That’s what PC Repairs Northlakes is for: keeping the people of Ellen Grove happy with their computers and laptops.

Is your computer running slowly or acting strangely? You may have a virus and we have trained technicians who can remove even the most modern, intelligent forms of malware from your computer. Maybe it’s just bogged down and running slowly. We can clean it up and make it run like new again.

We are open seven days per week from 7:00am to 10:00pm and you can find us in Logan, Brisbane, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, and Redland Bay. We also do remote service, so if you’re outside of these areas–or in the Ellen Grove area but can’t do an on site appointment–don’t be afraid to ask if we can help you!

Internet Security

The internet is a vast and beautiful place, filled with engaging information, imagery, and games. Sitting right in your beautiful Ellen Grove home you can learn about anywhere in the world or escape to an imaginary place in a game like World of WarCraft. The possibilities are endless, so there’s no wonder why we can’t stay away from it.

However, the world wide web is also filled with threats waiting to penetrate your system. These programs manipulate your computer’s functionality and steal important information that you deem private and dear to you. There’s no shortage of horror stories from those who’ve been taken advantage of by hackers on the internet.

Home PC repairs in Ellen Grove can protect you from these threats by installing and updating your antivirus software. A lot of the software that claims to be anti-virus protection software isn’t reliable or even has its own form of malware that will cause pop ups and do other things to disrupt your system. Rely on us to install the software that really works, the right way, so you can be protected on the web.

Virus and Spyware Removal

If your computer is already behaving strangely, running slowly, or receiving strange error messages everywhere, you may already have accidentally downloaded virus or spyware onto your computer. We are trained professionals ready to remove it for you. Often times once these programs are installed they’re disguised and very difficult to find and remove, and installing antivirus software after the fact isn’t always the cure. Instead allow us to go in manually and assess and fix the computer and make sure we remove every trace of the malware from your system and have your computer running like new again.

Malware is smart. It’s developed by real hackers and there are always new kinds being released that are more intelligent, work faster, and harder to penetrate your system. It’s important that you rely on trained professionals who are continually educated in the ever evolving flow of malware that’s being released on the web every day. Our technicians take this very seriously and always get the job done thoroughly and correctly the first time.

Luckily this might be something we can handle remotely. So just give us a shout on the phone when you think you’re detecting a virus and with permissions we can use our remote access program to help you.

More on Viruses and Malware

Computer Viruses are spread by hackers. They are malicious programs that are hidden in other programs. For instance, you may think you’re just downloading a movie torrent, but there’s actually a small utility file in the download files that looks boring and non-threatening so you ignore it. Then, in a short time, strange things start happening. Maybe some files are deleted, your computer starts moving slowly, you suddenly start experiencing frequent computer crashes or you can’t access your internet. The list actually goes on. There are several types of malware. Some that harm your computer, and others that can be even more harmful to your life, like an RAT (Remote Access Tool) that allows hackers to access your computer directly and do thing like read your files, use your web cam, and control your computer from their remote location.

These are some of the most common ailments of computers, and if you’re experiencing strange problems you may not know what the actual issue is. In fact, many people are victims to malware and just blame their computer for being old without realizing there’s a deeper reason behind the machine’s disfunction.

You can always download some virus or spyware removal and hope for the best. But we have the training to know what the best programs are and also to go in manually and find it ourselves. The more modern the malware, the more intelligent it is, and there is new malware being created every day. It’s made to evade virus scans, and it takes a trained professional to find out for sure if every affected file on your computer has been deleted.

Furthermore, if your computer is just running slowly, it may not be that it’s old. It could just be overloaded with files that are taking up its memory and slowing it down. Sending these files to the trash can doesn’t actually delete them from the hard drive. So, even if it’s not a virus or malware, we can clean up your hard drive and make your computer run like new again. You’ll be happy you gave it a shot. Stop by our Ellen Grove shop and let us take care of you today!